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Tristan und JJ

Posted in jj, wagner on April 30, 2007 by lacieca

Our very own editor takes to the airwaves this afternoon when he is interviewed by John Schaefer on WNYC’s Soundcheck. As part of “Tristan Mysteries” week here in New York, JJ will play selections from a few of his favorite recordings of Tristan und Isolde, and probably will find time to mouth off a bit as well. JJ is skedded to appear sometime in the second half of the show, after about 2:30 p.m.

UPDATE: Here’s the interview.


Sixteen Candles

Posted in florez, youtube on April 29, 2007 by lacieca

Before he was famous, tenor Juan Diego Fl√≥rez was already puppylicious. Here at at age 16 he sings a pop song on a 1989 televised music festival. (La Cieca can’t quite make up her mind if he reminds her more of Duckie in Pretty in Pink or Slater from Saved by the Bell.)

Length matters

Posted in critic, daniels, gcn, jj, levine, met on April 27, 2007 by lacieca

“The Met’s lavish new production of Giacomo Puccini’s operatic trilogy Il trittico (heard April 20) was almost as enjoyable as it was long.” Our editor JJ’s somewhat contrarian position may be read in Gay City News.

She never does anything twice

Posted in diva, gheorghiu, la cieca ci guarda la cieca ci vede, scandale on April 25, 2007 by lacieca

La Cieca is totally in awe of the insightful (and totally enjoyable) reporting her baby sister OperaChic is doing on the most recent Angela Gheorghiu scandale. In what La Cieca chooses to regard as an early 50th anniversary hommage to one of the most infamous moments in the career of Maria Callas, la Gheorghiu has, yes, walked out of a production at the Rome Opera. It seems that at the prima, Renato Bruson took a bis of “Di provenza,” which (so OperaChic whispers) the soprano interpreted as an act of war. Gheorghiu obtained a doctor’s certificate and canceled her second (and final scheduled) performance.

Permit La Cieca to say: maybe this is why they stopped allowing encores in the first place.

Take that, Eurotrash!

Posted in camp, drag, festoonery, hacks, met, twaddle on April 23, 2007 by lacieca

The doyen of operatic stage direction has done it again! (Or, to be strictly accurate, he has done it for about the twentieth time, but who’s counting?) Thrill to the brilliantly innovative new production of La traviata Franco Zeffirelli just unveiled at the Rome Opera!

Oh, if only we could have a production of Traviata just like this here in New York! Or, even better, if only we could have two productions just like this!

But enough about me

Posted in gay, jj, la cieca ci guarda la cieca ci vede, twaddle on April 23, 2007 by lacieca

Our editor JJ chats with the lovely and talented Mona de Crinis in an interview for the Palm Springs Bottom Line, a publication whose title contains so many double entendres La Cieca lost count. Thrill yet once again to the saga of parterre box, the little zine that could, and JJ, the editor who would. And did. (Frequently.)

Third base

Posted in la cieca ci guarda la cieca ci vede, met on April 21, 2007 by lacieca

La Cieca hears that the Met’s new production of Il trittico will return in 2010, starring Patricia Racette as the three heroines.