Crones on notice

A Met insider whispers that new chorus director Donald Palumbo, recently praised to the skies for his “tireless” efforts on Orfeo, may not want to stay tired for long. According to our source, “warning of vocal deterioration” letters have already been drafted to be sent to several members of the Met regular chorus, especially in the notoriously wobbly soprano section. Apparently, this warning letter is the first step in a lengthy contractural process of weeding out unacceptable voices. (Ironically, by the time arrives for Palumbo to rehearse the witches’ choruses in Macbeth next season, he may already have fired at least some of the Met’s worst crones.)

Continues our spy, “Not a surprising move, but one taken earlier than I would have thought in his tenure, since [Palumbo’s] tenure really hasn’t started yet. But thank Goddess for it – the soprano section has been a mess for quite a while.”


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