WINNER! Chi e quella donna bruna lassu?

WE HAVE A WINNER!. The lovely and talented Eric M. was the first to identify all six mystery sopranos correctly at 10:15 AM today, followed closely by Fred at 11:47. Congratulations to Eric and Fred, and thanks ever so to all of you who played! (For the correct answers to the quiz, check the comments thread to this post!)

Our sound clip of Soprano #6 was excerpted from one of her seven performances of Tosca at the Metropolitan Opera.

La Cieca is delighted to announce that the lovely people over at The Second Tosca have offered a pair of complimentary tickets to the show to one of you lovely readers. Here’s how it works. Listen to the audio clip below of six divas singing “Vissi d’arte” and identify all six, in the correct order. Email your answers to

The first entry with all six sopranos correctly identified in the correct order will win the pair of tix to The Second Tosca for Tuesday evening, June 12. (In the unlikely event that there is no correct answer by midnight, Sunday June 10, La Cieca will award the tickets to the most nearly correct entry; her decision in this is, as in all things, final.) Remember, it’s six separate sopranos singing, and your hint is that all six of these divas sang the role of Tosca onstage.

Six divas sing Vissi d’arte

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