A "premiere" tribute

La Cieca’s old, old, old friend Ed Rosen of Premiere Opera writes:

In tribute and loving memory to Luciano Pavarotti, I am proud and humbled to present a complete recital given relatively early in Pavarotti’s career, 1973. He had just finished the first big step toward super stardom by triumphing as Tonio in Donizetti’s Fille du Regiment at the Met, and this was one of his first ever recitals in NYC.

The program for this 1973 recital includes arie antiche; songs by Bellini, Respighi and Tosti; arias by Verdi and four encores. A podcast of the recital can be found on the Premiere Opera podcast site, and Ed adds that he is happy to offer the recital on CD to anyone who wishes to make a donation to any cancer charity. He explains:

Make a contribution, of any size, to any cancer-related charity of your choice. Send us a copy of the receipt for your donation, and we will immediately send you this CD, free and clear of any charge, anywhere in the world. Send the copy of your receipt with your complete name and mailing address to:

Premiere Opera
163 Amsterdam Avenue #275
New York, NY 10023

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