Hunkentenor des jours passés

One of La Cieca’s dear colleagues (a Signor Maldè) forwarded some interesting information about this early but definitive example of the hunkentenor.

The name of the gentleman (the tenor, that is, not the informant) was Eddy Ruhl, and he is perhaps best known for his recording of Cavaradossi in the notorious Vassilka Petrova Tosca. A protégé of the legendary Rosa Ponselle, he sang Des Grieux opposite Beverly Sills‘ role debut as Manon in Baltimore. Ruhl’s talent was recognized as early as his teen years when he performed “at functions and concerts for people such as Mrs. Evelyn Walsh McLean (last private owner of the Hope Diamond).”

But, more to the point, according to the a website in tribute to the late tenor, “At one time Eddy Ruhl had been asked to play the role of Tarzan in the motion pictures; however, true to his art, he turned it down and continued singing.”


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