Noise candy

Worlds collide, or maybe converge, when Alex Ross (right) the New Yorker‘s classical music go-to guy sits down with Doree Shafrir (not pictured), gawker gossip girl emeritus, for a confab about life, love, Ugly Betty and, of course the long-awaited The Rest is Noise, skedded to drop October 16. Look for the interview in the current issue of The New York Observer. Bad news first: he’s married, girls. Sigh! The good news: he owns 13 recordings of Salome, so if you ever should hear Mr. Ross laughing across a crowded room, you’ll at least have something in common with him to start the conversation rolling. (It’s either that or Donnerstag aus Licht, and believe me, sweetie, you don’t want to get him started on Donnerstag aus Licht!)


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