Finishing Lulu

La Cieca finally got herself back into the studio this evening for a podcast of the second act of Berg’s Lulu. This performance features the Orchestra and Chorus of the Vienna State Opera conducted by Karl Böhm on December 16, 1968. Anja Silja stars as the irresistible Lulu, with Martha Mödl, Ernst Gutstein, Waldemar Kmentt and Hans Hotter rounding out a classic cast.

As a bonus on this episode of Unnatural Acts of Opera, La Cieca introduces a clip from the rarely-heard Samuel Barber opera Harriet Craig.

Those of you who have recovered from the recent Ernani vocal identification quiz may want to jump back into the saddle to guess the identify of the singer of the “Lied der Lulu” in the following sound clip.

Hint: it’s not Anja Silja! If you think you know the identify of this singer, send your guess to La Cieca will award an gift certificate to the first correct responder.

UPDATE: Too easy! The singer of the “Lied der Lulu” is [click]. Congratulations to Judy who was first with a correct answer (barely ten minutes after the clip went up), and to Daniel, Richard, Paul and Oliver who all got it within the hour. Now La Cieca is off to devise a more challenging quiz!


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