What’s Nue, Pussycat?

Longtime readers of parterre box will recall the series of articles entitled “Ou va la jeune andouille” by enigmatic Enzo Bordello on the subject of the youthful fan’s experiences at New Orleans Opera. One of the most infamous of all NOO events, though, was one Enzo did not experience in person:

I was not allowed to see Carol Neblett‘s scandalous debut as Thais. My parents thought I was too young to view La Nebletto’s strip tease routine. Yes, dear reader, I was that young. Given how I turned out, my parents are still banging their heads against the wall for not letting me see the Big Blonde in the buff. Her singing was reportedly variable, but in the words of Lanfranco Rasponi, she “delighted the audience by baring her breasts.”

The Bourbon Street strippers were anything but delighted, however, and picketed Neblett outside the opera house. If they were required to wear panties and pasties by law, how did that soprano broad rate? Just whose dick, they mused, was she sucking?

Well, the answer to that last question probably has no answer. But the other issue here has always been: just what did it look like when “La Nebletto” did The Full MontĂ©? Curious readers may click the cropped photo below for the NSFW version hosted elsewhere.


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