Weathers man

A reader writes…

Dear La Cieca:

I found your site through a Google search because I am trying to track down contact information for Felicia Weathers. So imagine my pleasure at the clip of “Up, Up and Away”!

In 1969 I had the good fortune to play “Trouble” to Felicia Weathers’ “Cio-Cio San” in a production of “Madama Butterfly” at Memphis State University.

I’ve lost contact with Ms. Weathers and am hoping that, with your encyclopedic knowledge [flattery will get you everywhere – Ed.], you might have a lead or a suggestion as to how I might find her.

I know that she’s been in Germany for many years, but I have had no luck in finding contact information or an agent listing. I’ve tapped numerous resources, including contacts here in Los Angeles and at the Met, but to no avail.

Any assistance you might be able to provide would be greatly ppreciated.

So, how about it, readers? If you have contact information for Ms. Weathers, please email it to La Cieca, who will forward it to The Reader Formerly Known as Trouble.


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