There’s no wrinkle on his brow, no how!

La Cieca has to say she has never taken much interest in the music of John Corigliano; in fact, she believes she used the phrase “Technicolor twaddle” to describe The Ghosts of Versailles. But your doyenne must give credit where credit is due. Boyfriend is looking fucking amazing for a 70-year-old!

Take a look at these two images that accompanied Steve Smith’s NY Times preview of the Brooklyn Philharmonic’s upcoming Corigliano festival:

At left is Corigliano 8 years ago when he won the Academy Award for The Red Violin; at right is a recent photo of the composer. Is it just me, or does he look more refreshed — or shall we just say younger — at 70 than he did at 62?

At this rate, Corigliano will look a dewy 35 by the time the Met revives Ghosts in 2010! Though, come to think of it, collaborating with Angela Gheorghiu has been known to add a crease or two to even the most youthful punim. What a pity if America’s hottest septuagenarian composer should end up looking his age!


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