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Mot du jour

Posted in blog, giordani, maury d'annato, met on January 30, 2008 by lacieca

Marcello Giordani is, how can I put this, what Franco Farina would sound like if he weren’t awful.” — My Favorite Intermissions


"Blogs are awfully decorative, don’t you think?"

Posted in blog, maury d'annato, operachic, sieglinde on January 26, 2008 by lacieca

A brainy reader points out to La Cieca that her little blog is mentioned this month in The New York Review of Books. The lovely and talented Sarah Boxer discusses a bevy of books on blogs and blogging, modestly mentioning only in passing her own tome on that very subject. As an example of the vast variety of blogs out there, she notes

You can read about the Iraq war from Iraqi bloggers, from American soldiers (often censored now), or from scholars like Juan Cole, whose blog, Informed Comment, summarizes, analyzes, and translates news from the front. For opera, to take another example, you have Parterre Box, which is kind of campy, or Sieglinde’s Diaries and My Favorite Intermissions, written by frequent Met-goers, or Opera Chic, a Milan-based blog focused on La Scala (which followed in great detail the scandal of Roberto Alagna‘s walkout during Aida a year ago).

La Cieca can only say, thank you cher public; without you I am nothing!

Tit for tat

Posted in 2008, 2009, barihunk, blog, maury d'annato, opéra bouffe. barihunk, san francisco, the opera tattler on January 17, 2008 by lacieca

La Cieca has Maury D’annato to thank for (passively) calling her attention to the blog The Opera Tattler, which in recent days has been detailing next season’s plans in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other opera companies of the Transhudson. (The) Opera Tattler also reviews a lot of West Coast opera, and at least so far as La Cieca has read, his (?) blogatorial voice is either very arch or very sincere, either of which is fine by me. (“However, perhaps I should go to Bayreuth in 2009, since I will have the time,” writes the Tattler. How can you not love that?)

More bloggerei (in Italian, but it’s penetrable enough) may be found on the wild ‘n’ wacky site Opéra Bouffe, one of many various efforts by the lovely and apparently tireless Giorgia Meschini. At the moment attention at the Bouffe is split between the”new” Zeffirelli production of Tosca at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and the recent purchase of “le boat slippers dell’Adidas, blu e oro. Con ‘Respect’ stampato sulla linguetta… ‘firmate’ da Missy Elliott.” Bloggy!

Then Opéra Bouffe pointed your doyenne to the utterly necessary Schrott-Locator ™: ¿donde está Erwin?. Even Barihunks doesn’t have this level of detail.

Good diva

Posted in blog, diva on November 14, 2007 by lacieca

“And so for you opera trivia lovers out there, you’ll be interested to know that the outfit ‘Octavian’ was wearing for the 2007 Tucker Gala’s ‘Presentation of the Rose’ was actually the outfit the ‘Sophie’ wore to the theater that night! Diana [Damrau] actually gave me the clothes off her back, right down to her shoes, and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, was my first outfit!”

That’s Joyce DiDonato blogging, and this opera trivia lover will check in daily for further updates. The lady writes as well as she sings!

Night of the Living Dead

Posted in blog, critic, gay on November 9, 2007 by lacieca

La Cieca’s spiritual godmother Tessi Tura (or, more accurately, Ms. Tura’s alter ego George Heymont) has finally emerged from a “retirement” of over a decade. George has turned to the blog format to complete a project he’s had on the back burner since 1990 or so, “a murder mystery set at the Metropolitan Opera House.” La Cieca is sure her cher public will want to follow the progress of this latest Heymontiana (Heymontade?) at A Dying Art Form.


Posted in blog, chat, critic, hunkentenor, sieglinde, stephen costello on September 27, 2007 by lacieca

Stepdaughter Sieglinde summarizes the critical reaction in blog and print to Stephen Costello‘s Met debut. No surprises here for La Cieca, who observed equivalent ecstasy in real time during her Monday night online chat:

Man of letters

Posted in alex ross, blog, our own on September 17, 2007 by lacieca

Our Own John Yohalem is the subject of a quizzical posting on dishy today. Dear John (whom La Cieca likes to call “The Ragin’ Pagan”) wrote a letter to the New Yorker in response to a mention in an article on Asperger’s syndrome. It seems that author Tim Page recalled John’s erstwhile(?) habit of scribbling the dates and lineage of the dear Hapsburg dynasty on the walls of the New York subway system and came to the conclusion that he must have ended up homeless or institutionalized! While John is hardly homeless, he certainly can be considered an institution, both on his own blog and here at where he is one of our most prolific commenters. (As always, La Cieca will respect her cher public’s privacy and will not divulge the relevant nom de plume.) The Gawker writer finishes by warning, “Watch your ass, Alex Ross,” a sentiment La Cieca echoes, though not perhaps for the same reason.