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What do you think you are? A pair of queens?

Posted in 2011, 2012, bel canto, met, netrebko on January 31, 2008 by lacieca

The Met officially announced today that the company will stage Anna Bolena for Anna Netrebko for the opening night of the 2011-2012 season (old news to you, cher public!) and, the following season, Maria Stuarda for Joyce DiDonato.

The company has no current plans to produce Roberto Devereux. In what La Cieca is choosing to consider a stinging slap in the face to — well, at least one soprano — Peter Gelb explained, “The problem is casting ….There’s no singer around today who can sing [Elisabetta].”

And you may make what you will of la Netrebko’s statement about the Bolena: “Fortunately, it’s far enough in the future that I’ll have time to learn it really well.”


Anna as Anna?

Posted in 2010, 2011, domingo, guest critic, la cieca ci guarda la cieca ci vede, met, netrebko on January 15, 2008 by lacieca

La Cieca is loath to scoop dear Bradley Wilber, but rumors are swirling once again about future seasons at the Met. Perhaps the most controversial (among the cher public, at least) of these plans is a new production of Anna Bolena to open the 2011 season, with Anna Netrebko‘s pretty head on the chopping block. Further casting at this point is not set, though La Cieca is confident that speculation will run rife in the comments section.

Now, La Cieca is just going to suggest that we all don’t go off the deep end instantly and unanimously here, despite what at least some of may regard as perfect justification for doing so.

It does seem apparent that if Netrebko is determined to do bel canto (not saying “should be doing” mind you), then Bolena does make more sense than, say, Puritani or Lucia. Anna (Mrs. Tudor, I mean) relies less on vocal brilliance qua brilliance than those two roles, and the “fiery” character of the rejected queen is the sort of dramatic type that appeals to Ms. Netrebko’s lively theatrical instincts. We should also keep in mind that she now has more than three years of lead time and the availability of Scotto as a coach; as such she does have the opportunity to delve beyond a superficial reading of the music. (Again, no guarantees…)

It will also help, I think that the only “obligatory” sopracuto is the D at the end of the first act, a high interpolation so relatively that even Carol Vaness used to sing it.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Need La Cieca remind any of you that the duration from 2008 to 2001 is the equivalent of a century in Gelb Years. By that time we may end up with Christine Ebersole opening the season in Pikovaya Dama.

Your doyenne further has heard that the title role in Simon Boccanegra (2010-2011?) has been reassigned to Placido Domingo, with Thomas Hampson shifted into a revival of Macbeth — opposite whom, La Cieca cannot venture to guess, though it’s a safe bet the cover will be Cynthia Lawrence. Domingo, La Cieca hears, is already preparing an “out of town tryout” for Verdi’s noble corsair with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

But speaking of Macbeth, La Cieca regrettably has a previous engagement and so will not be able to take in this evening’s Lawrence/Ataneli version of the Scottish Opera. Any volunteers to serve as Guest Critic?

Gran nuova! Gran nuova!

Posted in florez, la cieca ci guarda la cieca ci vede, netrebko, puppylicious, tete de peau, villazon on January 10, 2008 by lacieca

Juan Diego Flórez will make his role debut as the Duke of Mantua in a new production of Rigoletto on March 31.

The event will mark the inauguration of “The International Opera Festival Alejandro Granda” in Peru. Puppylicious Flórez is pictured here with Latin Grammy winner Gian Marco, with whom he shared the stage for a benefit concert for UNICEF last year. (Admittedly, that concert has nothing to do with the current news, but La Cieca wanted an excuse to run this photo.)

In breaking news also relating to puppyliciousness, the renaissance of Rolando Villazón‘s career will extend into a new medium when the tenor begins principal photography for the role of Rodolfo in a film version of La bohème opposite the Mimi of (who else?) Anna Netrebko. According to La Cieca’s source, the pair pre-recorded their music for the movie last year and will begin their on-set lip-synching duties within the month.

Le Scandale, 2007 edition

Posted in alagna, domingo, met, netrebko, rant, scandale, sirius on December 21, 2007 by lacieca

Cher public, La Cieca meant to turn in early tonight, but she got one of those bees in her bonnet. This particular specimen of Apis mellifera is the “debacle” (as La Cieca has been astonished to see it termed) of Anna Netrebko‘s Juliette last Saturday afternoon. Such harsh criticism La Cieca has rarely heard since the infamous Renata Scotto Norma. Even La Cieca’s own bitchery about Renée Fleming never (well, rarely) reached such heights of dudgeon.

La Cieca should remind herself that much of this accidie springs from opera-l, which most of the time is a valuable resource and all that, but it does seem to be a haven for every tongue-clucking old maid still hunched over her Philco every Saturday afternoon during the broadcast season. (Some of them predate Texaco, La Cieca thinks.) Anyway, the consensus over at opera-l is that Netrebko is kaput, over, finished — that is, assuming she was ever anything to start with. The Roméo et Juliette has been called “failure” and even (yes!) “debacle.” Admittedly , La Cieca occasionally amuses herself by throwing those terms (including the “d” word) around indiscriminately, but she has the defense that nobody with half a brain takes her babbling seriously anyway. On the other hand, La Cieca has her doubts that everybody over at opera-l shares her sense of light-hearted irony in these things.

Look. La Cieca regards herself as a very critical listener, but she simply cannot discern any “debacle” or even “failure” in last week’s Roméo performance. Netrebko was admittedly somewhat off her best form at the beginning of the opera. She did have a minor crack on the high D in her first cadenza, and for most of the performance her voice sounded a bit cloudy and thick compared to what La Cieca (and, you, of course, cher public) have heard on Sirius and in the theater earlier this season.

La Cieca hesitates to jump to the conclusion that this one performance indicates an inevitable downward spiral toward ruin for Ms. Netrebko. She prefer to take the more cautious position that Netrebko was simply having a “B” voice day instead of her customary “A.” The cause may have been nerves, or a mild case of acid reflux, or a minor allergy attack, or (who knows?) she may have been starting her period on Saturday. The point is, nerves and all the rest (including even dysmenhorrhea) don’t last forever.

As, it so happens, tonight’s Sirius broadcast neatly indicates. La Cieca tuned in at the beginning of the second act to hear Netrebko in fine fettle. Your doyenne will note also that in the bedroom duet tonight Netrebko is singing with a lighter tone and softer dynamics than she did opposite Roberto Alagna — the better to blend with Joseph Kaiser‘s less aggressive approach, one assumes.

Well, enough scolding. A recent news story about Antonio Banderas‘ directing Carmen got La Cieca to thinking: how long before Angela Gheorghiu backs out of the projected Met production of the Bizet opera — and how thrilling it would be if Netrebko could be persuaded to jump in!

Oh, and just so you don’t think La Cieca has completely abandoned her position as Sultana of the Soupcons, here’s a tidbit. Your doyenne hears that among Netrebko’s la Gheorghiu’s upcoming projects (besides that unlikely Carmen and the perhaps even unlikelier Ghosts of Versailles) is a complete recording of Giordano’s Fedora opposite (who else) Placido Domingo.

Only in New York, Kids

Posted in met, netrebko, peter gelb is a fucking genius, telecast on December 19, 2007 by lacieca

“At High School of Enterprise, Business and Technology on Grand Street Campus in Brooklyn, the show is sold out at nearly 1000 tickets. The school didn’t spare any effort in terms of marketing: there’s a huge color banner for ‘Live in HD’ on the side of the building, facing Bushwick Avenue, with a picture of Anna Netrebko, who is singing Juliette, standing 20 feet tall. The school kids also put up posters in local eating establishments, including Grand Street Grill, their local bodega, and The Great Wall Chinese restaurant.”


"Straight, ya know!"

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Controversial soprano Anna Netrebko has gone on record categorically denying recent rumors that she… is a lesbian? (My dears, La Cieca has been out of the dating pool for a while, but even she wouldn’t mistake Erwin Schrott for a girl!)

Well, my dear Sapphic comrades, all La Cieca can say is, you win some, you lose some. Really, girls, how many toaster ovens does one actually need? After all, this week, your team got Jodie Foster plus a first-round draft pick for Queen Latifah. But, sorry ladies, no Netrebko for you! As blogged by Opera Chic earlier today, our Anna asserted, “Ein für alle Mal: Ich bin nicht lesbisch!”

It should perhaps be noted that she — Anna, that is, not Opera Chic — was speaking to a journalist from the glossy German-language celeb mag Bunte at the time. Presumably the declaration would hold up in any language: “Once and for all, I’m not a Gay!”

It seems that there were rumors swirling around Anna since she has been palling around (though not gal-palling around!) with out lesbian pop singer Lucy Diakovska from the band No Angels. La Netrebko explained to Bunte “We went out for a meal together. We happened to meet at a television taping and got along well. I was a huge fan of No Angels and Lucy loves opera. You shouldn’t make anything more of it.”

The article goes on to say that Netrebko is 36, which would suggest that the rest of the piece is fairly accurate. And, to tell the truth, that’s about the whole story, except that Bunte posted a lavish photo gallery of Netrebkiana, with captions that don’t always relate to the image. Well, anyway, this is what I mean:

In a related story, Renée Fleming announced earlier today that she plans attend the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show show as the guest of Camille Paglia.

The bells are ringing?

Posted in la cieca ci guarda la cieca ci vede, netrebko on December 12, 2007 by lacieca

Purely a rumor at this point, but La Cieca hears that Erwin Schrott and Anna Netrebko are engaged. (To be married. To each other.)

UPDATE: A reliable source informs La Cieca: “As far as I know they are very close friends but I have not heard anything about marriage.” So let’s wait and see.