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"Blogs are awfully decorative, don’t you think?"

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A brainy reader points out to La Cieca that her little blog is mentioned this month in The New York Review of Books. The lovely and talented Sarah Boxer discusses a bevy of books on blogs and blogging, modestly mentioning only in passing her own tome on that very subject. As an example of the vast variety of blogs out there, she notes

You can read about the Iraq war from Iraqi bloggers, from American soldiers (often censored now), or from scholars like Juan Cole, whose blog, Informed Comment, summarizes, analyzes, and translates news from the front. For opera, to take another example, you have Parterre Box, which is kind of campy, or Sieglinde’s Diaries and My Favorite Intermissions, written by frequent Met-goers, or Opera Chic, a Milan-based blog focused on La Scala (which followed in great detail the scandal of Roberto Alagna‘s walkout during Aida a year ago).

La Cieca can only say, thank you cher public; without you I am nothing!


"Bad news, the fog’s getting thicker…"

Posted in chunkentenor, operachic on January 15, 2008 by lacieca

“…and Marcelo‘s getting LARGER!”

[Via Opera Chic]

Wien: Wilkommen, Villazón!

Posted in operachic, vienna, villazon on January 6, 2008 by lacieca

AP Photo/Vienna State Opera, Axel ZeiningerThe Associated Press has the first review of Rolando Villazón‘s return to the stage earlier today in a performance of Werther at the Vienna Staatsoper. Reporter George Jahn says the audience’s “huge expectations… were mostly – but not completely – met.” Apparently the tenor’s high B’s sometimes failed to soar over the Massenet orchestral climaxes, but his celebrated onstage energy and presence were on full display. Villazón won several minutes of entrance applause and “a post-performance standing ovation from an audience that normally stays glued to its seats.”

The indefatigable Opera Chic was (as she so often is!) first to blog the happy news, with the bonus of an exclusive eyewitness report.

Moon, June, Spoon

Posted in operachic, youtube on November 19, 2007 by lacieca

In an unreleased track from Cecilia Bartoli‘s new “Maria” CD (and you know La Cieca dotes on inédits!), the singer/musicologess performs in English! The song is “Yon moon o’er the mountains,” which, as you all know, is one of the hit tunes from Balfe’s The Maid of Artois.

In less aesthetically pleasing news, a photo of la Bartoli that should have remained unreleased instead currently graces Opera Chic.

I mulini di Signa li lascio al cara … Nicoletta Mantovani!

Posted in operachic, pav, sad on October 3, 2007 by lacieca

How sad that Luciano Pavarotti‘s final role should be Buoso Donati!

The winner and new diva

Posted in 2007, alex ross, broadcast, camp, chat, cher public, dessay, diva, maury d'annato, met, operachic, sieglinde, sirius, stephen costello on September 25, 2007 by lacieca

La Cieca wasn’t “in the house” for the Lucia prima last night like so many of her colleagues; instead she hosted perhaps the most popular of all her online chats thus far. Approximately 120 of you cher public logged in at some point during the night, with 75 or so on average staying for the long haul. Say what you will about Natalie Dessay or even Stephen Costello, there was really only one genuine “star is born” moment last night, and here, as dear Mathilde Marchesi would say, is “la nouvelle Melba” —

Our nomination for Camp Diva of the 2007-2008 Season: Miss Blythe Danner!

Opera Chic recoils in Scala shocker!

Posted in information wants to be free, la scala, operachic on June 6, 2007 by lacieca

Our devoted and prolific little sister Opera Chic reports that, threatened with legal action from La Scala’s cadre of highly-paid lawyers, she has removed “offending” content from her site, including photographs taken inside the celebrated opera house and even her own logo. But, as with so many things Milanese, OC tells the story best.