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Wait ’til you’ve refined it

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A controversial new production of Massenet’s erotically-tinged opera Manon featuring “it girl” soprano Anna Netrebko opened last night in….

Oh, all right. Obviously that’s not our Anna. In fact it’s ecdysiast Dita Von Teese performing her signature “cocktail glass” strip. The model and performer (whose adorably mousy real name is Heather Sweet) has accepted an invitation to attend Vienna’s prestigious Opera Ball later this month as the special guest Austrian businessman Richard Lugner. The 75-year-old real estate and construction mogul takes a celebrity to the glamorous gala every year.

Previous guests of “Mörtel” Lugner have included Joan Collins (1993), Ivana Trump (1994), Sophia Loren (1995), Grace Jones (1996), Sarah, Duchess of York (1997), Raquel Welch (1998), Faye Dunaway (1999), Jacqueline Bisset (2000), Farrah Fawcett (2001), Claudia Cardinale (2002), Pamela Anderson (2003), Andie MacDowell (2004), Geri Halliwell (2005), Carmen Electra (2006) and Paris Hilton (2007).

La Von Teese is known as a retro fashion muse and was briefly married to goth rocker Marilyn Manson.


Honestly insincere

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[Via Likely Impossibilities]

Separated at death?

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Joan Ingpen and Rosina Lickspittle
In related macabre news, (reportedly) gay tenor Sergej Larin died this weekend, and La Cieca has just heard an unconfirmed report that another gay tenor, Giuliano Ciannella, has also passed away.

Mozart is for little people!

Posted in this diva looks like that diva on January 6, 2008 by lacieca

In a startling example of casting against type, protean singer Cecilia Bartoli has agreed to take on the most demanding role of her career in La regina della meschina, an operatic version of the life of Leona Helmsley. (“Voice From the Past Becomes an Obsession” in the New York Times.)

Whatever happened to Katia Ricciarelli?

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In fact, she became Peggy Lee.

Let’s be buddies!

Posted in this diva looks like that diva on December 27, 2007 by lacieca

Graefin Geschwitz meets Vera Charles

The blonde leading the blind

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Imagine La Cieca’s delight when she heard that Julia Roberts has been cast in the starring role of Voce di Donna, a biopic based upon the whirlwind adventures of your very own doyenne.

Oscar-winner Roberts (left) beat out A-listers Nicole Kidman, Susan Sarandon and Dame Judi Dench to portray “Older Cieca.” The character in more “youthful” days will be played by Zac Efron. Additional casting for the film includes George Clooney as “Gualtier Malde,” Robert Downey Jr. as “Little Stevie” and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as “Maury D’annato.”